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Causes and cure for bad breath

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Like me, I’m sure you’ve experienced hanging with friends with increasingly bad breath as the spinach dip, potato skins and drink glasses pile up during a great night out. Maybe you’ve experienced that ghastly morning breath after eating a delightful bowl of cereal at 2:30am. The next morning dreading the 4 or 5 hours it took to get rid of that taste no matter how many times I brushed. Have you ever wondered what causes the horrific taste, smell and feel in your mouth? More importantly, what can we do to prevent it?


Almost all bad breath is a result from our oral condition. Smelly compounds excreted by millions of tiny bacteria eating the dead cells and food particles in our mouth which causes the odor and bad taste. It was shocking to learn that our mouths have 100-200 bacterial species, reaching numbers of hundreds of millions to hundreds of billions of individual bacteria residing in our mouth at any one time.

Gram-negative bacteria are the culprits that cause bad breath. They burrow below our gum line and expel a gas that causes our odiferous condition. Multiplying in gaps between our gums and teeth and the crevices of our tongues (Ever wake up in the morning and your tongue feels like you could shave your tongue?) Rhetorical question! These little demons produce a gassy sulfuric compound that cause the horrible taste and smell in our mouth.



The Acidic Condition:

DEHYDRATION – Saliva is oxygen rich and a natural neutralizer of PH, prohibiting the growth of this stinky bacteria and in turn our bad breath. These stinky bacteria thrive when we become dehydrated. Reduced saliva flow results in increased acidity making us more prone to bad breath.


  • COFFEE – Caffeine dehydrates our mouth. This dehydrating effect combined with the fermentation of milk or sugar residue in our mouth contributes to dry, sour breath.
    • Tip – We don’t have to cut back on coffee, just drink plenty of water after you drink coffee to counterbalance dehydration.


  • ALCOHOL – Alcohol really dries out your mouth. The bacteria simply love it and cause that ever dreaded condition “Cotton Mouth”.
  • Tip – For every drink consumed have a glass of water to prevent bad breath.


  • Mouthwash – Many contain up to 26% alcohol content and will eradicate good and bad bacteria. When the fresh tingly taste wears off, mouthwashes with high alcohol content will leave your mouth drier, creating an environment for gram negative bacteria to flourish.
    • Tip – Choose a mouthwash with low alcohol content and/or drink a glass of water an hour or so after using mouthwash.


  • Cavities – Bad breath may sign of tooth decay. At first, bacteria attack the hard outer enamel of your tooth. As it travels deeper into the inner tooth, the bacteria causing the decay change. faecalis, commonly found in the colon. Its presence changes the compounds released into your mouth causing bad breath.
    • Tip – See a dentist for checkups at least twice a year. As decay happens below the gum line or in between teeth. So, if you’re suffering from bad breath it might be a good time to see the dentist. (Please visit our specials offers page for a $100.00 new patient exam downloadable gif card).
  • Eat Fresh – Most modern diets are full of sugary processed foods (think of those delicious smores, cookies and sweets). This type of bacteria love processed sugar. As bacteria ferment the sugars in our mouth, they release smelly sulfuric compounds.
    • Tip – Replace processed foods with fresh fruit, proteins and vegetables for late night snacks and you will notice a significant difference in your breath quality.


  • Clean You Tongue – Gram negative bacteria love dark, moist crevices especially on the tongue’s surface. Up to 70% of the bacteria that cause bad breath live and breed here.
    • Tip – You can try gently scraping your tongue with a soft toothbrush or purchase a tongue scraper. I have one and it works very well!


  • Floss – Gram negative bacteria love to hide out in between your teeth, along your gum line, and on your tongue. Try taking a whiff of your dental floss after using it, the horrible smell made a believer out of me.
    • Tip – Flossing daily is a great way to beat bad breath! Don’t let the bacteria host a stink party in your mouth!


  • Eat Yogurt – Gram negative bacteria produce hydrogen sulphide , a major cause of bad breath.
    • Tip – If you eat yogurt twice a day for 3 weeks you can drop the levels of hydrogen sulphide by up to 80%. Not only will you breath be fresher, you might even lose a few unwanted pounds! Win! Win!

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