We Can Save Billions Of Gallons Of Essex County Water Annually

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How Much Water Is Essex County Wasting Annually?

The flow rate of a standard bathroom faucet is 1.6 gallons per minute. If we brush for three minutes with the faucet running, we’re wasting 5 gallons each time we brush. That may not seem like too much, but if all 801,000 million people living in Essex County, NJ did that twice a day, while brushing alone we will waste 8 million gallons of Essex County’s water supply every year.

What Can Your Family Do?

We ask all Village Dental Group patients to turn off the water while brushing and have their household members do the same. You can use this topic as a conversation starter at the water cooler at work, talk about an apropos topic! When a family of four stops running the water while brushing they will save over 14 THOUSAND gallons of water annually, that amount of water can sustain an impoverished village of 100 people for 2 ½ months!

Should I Brush In the Shower to Save Water?

One might think so; after all you’re multitasking using only one stream of water. There are a few reasons why this isn’t a good idea.

Remember, your showerhead is a full of bacteria, which adds to levels of bacteria in the water you’re brushing with. Your mouth is already the home to a hive of bacteria; studies show you’ll get significantly more bacteria on your toothbrush by leaving it in the shower, which will ultimately wind up in your mouth.

Considering showerheads use more water than sink faucets; After all, the shower is running the entire time you’re brushing, consequently wasting more water than you would if you brushed at the sink. The only real solution is brushing at your sink while turning the water off after wetting your toothbrush. So make sure you’re shutting off the faucet every time you brush, and please do not brush in the shower unless you have an extra arm to efficiently multitask.

Here’s A Cute Video To Show Your Children About Brushing!

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