Invisalign® Clear Aligners With Tax Free Dollars?

Yes! Pay for Invisalign® with tax-free dollars using an HSA or FSA accounts

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We’re always looking to help our patients!

At Village Dental Group in South Orange New Jersey our doctors understand the financial burden associated with health care. Not only do we make sure all of our patients maximize their dental insurance benefits on a yearly basis, we also find ways for our patients to reduce the cost of many treatments. Here is a unique way to save up to 33% off Invisalign® clear aligners by setting up a tax exempt account through your employer.

What is an HSA account?

Health insurance savings accounts, or HSA, are designed for people with a high-deductible health insurance plan. You contribute monies into the account and use it to cover dental and orthodontic costs, including Invisalign® clear aligners. You can set aside up to $3,400 as an individual or $6,750 for a family per year. To open an HSA, please click or to see if you meet IRS eligibility requirements.

What is an FSA account?

A flexible savings account, or FSA, is an account you can use to pay for different medical, dental, and orthodontic costs, including Invisalign® clear aligners. Your FSA is an account managed by your employer that you pay money into throughout the year; it is usually deducted from your paycheck. You can set aside up to $2,600 per year. Please ask your employer if they offer an FSA account.

Why should you take advantage of an FSA or HSA?

Simple! You don’t pay taxes on the money you put in an FSA or HSA.
How can you use your FSA or HSA to pay for Invisalign® treatment?
Before beginning your Invisalign treatment, talk to both your benefits coordinator and your dentist’s office. Your benefits provider may be able to pay your doctor directly. You may also be able to pay your dentist and be reimbursed from your FSA or HAS account.


A Gift For You!

As a way of welcoming you or your loved ones to our office, please accept this $500 Gift Card to be used towards your Invisalign® treatment. (Cannot be combined with other promotions).

Invisalign Gift Coupon Gift Card

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Would You Like To Know More About Invisalign® Clear Aligners?

If you live in the Essex county area and are interested in learning more about the Invisalign® clear aligner system please contact our new patient coordinator at 973-761-4800. You can also learn more on our website Invisalign® & Invisalign Teen®. We look forward to welcoming you into the Village Dental Group Family.