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20 Years and Counting…

“I was always into getting my teeth cleaned, I was very meticulous about that because my past experience with dentists hasn’t been very good. 20 years ago we finally found Dr. Christian! She’s very nice, the staff is very good there. Everybody is very helpful, they’re very dedicated.”

“I find all the staff at Village Dental more caring. They have more of a personal touch, they make you feel special, not like just another patient. You don’t feel like they’re just getting the work done to get it over with. The personal touch is a very important factor.”

—Mrs. Frederick

“I don’t mind going to the dentist! “

“I’ve been going to Dr. Christian probably since I  was 19 or 20— now I’m 45. My children go to her, my husband goes to her, my dad and my step-mom go to her, everyone goes to her. She really just knows her craft. She’s super personable. I know when I’m going in that I’m ready to chat with all the girls, I’m about to LAUGH, I’m going to have a good time. Usually, when people think of the dentist they think “oh god I don’t wanna go.” But I don’t mind going to the dentist. Her staff is super great!”

—Erica S.

Online Reviews 

“A Wonderful visit!”

“I enjoy coming here…”

“Everyone is so nice!”

“Informative, thorough and gentle.“

Dr. Christian took the time to explain what the x-rays revealed, what to look for in the future and really gave me enough information to feel confident that where she was filling my teeth were truly places that needed filling. Initially, I was quite apprehensive because it has been more than 20 years since I had a new cavity, and she reported that I had three. The news was overwhelming, but it was presented in such a way, that it was palatable. I am THE patient that dislikes the sound of the drill, water pick and anything to do with cleaning or fixing my teeth. Dr. Christian truly made me feel comfortable and was very sensitive to my emotional roller coaster. Upon departure, I reminded her that my facial expressions, clinched fists, body tremors and subtle jumps had nothing to do with the quality of her work but everything to do with my fear of the dentist chair (since childhood).

— Erica S.


“Excelent Dentist & Staff“

“Dr. Christian is the most patient, kind & understanding dentist. She has worked so hard to fix my mess created by others – Her work is impressive. We are almost finished so I can smile beautifully again very soon. The staff is Excellent too —especially Wendy & Judy. They are really on the ball & very nice. So to some up in 2 words: Honest & Excellent!!!”

— Mary N. 


“Life-changing for the Better!”

I made the decision to get some dental implants and as a result I do not regret the decision after Dr. Christian and staff worked to restore my smile. It was a complicated procedure but every step of it was explained to me so I knew what to expect. Dr. Christian expressed confidence that everything would turn out fine and it did. Looks great and bite is great. Life changing. I recommend you go to her for your dental care needs.
– Michael G.


Great experience with dental emergency 

My experience at your office was great. I had a dental emergency and starting with the receptionist, the x-ray tech, the dental assistant, and lastly, the doctor, I was treated quickly and professionally. Dr Christian was great. She gave me medication and referred me to an oral surgeon who continued my care.

– James W. 

High quality, professional & friendly 

Initially I was greeted by the receptionist. After a very short wait, I was greeted by the dental hygienist for my scheduled teeth cleaning. The office was neat and clean. State of the art equipment. After my cleaning I was told I need additional dental work done. I was given a plan as to what needs to be done first and that the work can be done in stages. I was thoroughly satisfied with the service and have been a client for over ten years. I would never think of changing my dental professionals. To me they are the best in the business!

– Sandra B.

Professional & High-quality service 

The staff was very professional & friendly. The receptionist was able to give me an appointment that worked best for my schedule. Before the next visit for follow up work, the receptionist was able to give me and order a price quote before any work was done. The Dentist, Dr. Christian & staff are very friendly and very informative about teeth hygiene, things to avoid and providing steps to improve dental hygiene. Very accommodating. Overall a Great Experience!

– Wilhanitra L.

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