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Our Unique Approach — Your Overall Health!  

We care about YOU — not just your teeth! 

If you’ve ever suffered from a toothache, you know it affects your entire mood. Having crooked or cracked teeth can affect your attitude or your confidence. Stress can cause teeth grinding or TMJ; certain physical conditions can affect your oral health. Bottom line: Your mouth is part of your whole body, and your body is part of you. This is the essence of how we approach dentistry holistically. 

Performing dental procedures usually means that we’re placing several materials in your mouth, which can affect your body. People react differently to different materials; some have to be changed for others for certain patients. In severe cases there are companies where a blood sample can be sent to determine which type of material would be best for the patient. 

The Clifford Materials Reactivity Testing (CMRT) is a laboratory test that identifies existing bio-sensitivity problems in dental materials according to an individual patient’s immune system. In cases where this test is deemed necessary, we’ll send the patient for a blood sample, which is sent to the lab for final analysis.

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“Being in practice taught me there’s a lot more to a patient than their teeth, and all of those things should be addressed. “ — L. Dawn Christian, DDS

How are you doing —OVERALL?

When meeting with patients, we want to get on the same level with them, through good communication and genuine interest in their answers. Simply asking such questions as “How are you doing? How are you feeling? How’s your family?“ often leads to a patient telling you about other things that let you know they have a problem. 

For example, if they mention that they are stressed, we might ask if their jaws are bothering them, and find out that they wake up with jaws feeling tight and that they are grinding their teeth at night. In some instances, we have even referred patients to specialists in other health-related professions.  So, from one piece of information, we can go on to finding out other issues they may have that we can help with.

Patients with health problems can have different oral issues. Dietary changes and supplements are often recommended. We find that gentle discussion with a patient can provide valuable information about their overall conditions and help us to offer more appropriate treatment.

Become a Healthier YOU!

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Our Unique Approach Includes: 

Treating the patient as a whole person, not just a “dental case.”

We use it as a diagnostic method — we see things as health indicators. For example: Are you able to eat a wide variety of foods? This can indicate a limited diet and perhaps some nutritional deficiencies that should be addressed, in addition to fixing the teeth.

We NEVER use amalgam fillings

We review of other health conditions— such as blood pressure, diabetes, etc., as they impact your dental health.  

We feel a genuine concern with helping patients do well in life — and hold discussions with patients about business, family, lifestyle, stress level, diet, medications, etc. as contributing factors to dental and general health conditions and risks.

We advocate patient education concerning how dental conditions can affect other areas of life and their body, and vice versa. 

We understand the psychological impact of dental appearance — and have discussions with patients regarding how their dental appearance can affect their life and self-esteem. 


Take control of your overall health!

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